Ways to boost your metabolism after 40

Ways to boost your metabolism after 40

Ways to boost your metabolism after 40

Developing a slower metabolism after turning 40 is a fact. It is not a myth or an excuse. After turning forty, your metabolism decreases in speed, approximately 5% every decade. Fortunately, it does not have to mean the end to seeing results or losing your figure.

Reasons for a slower metabolism

There are many different things that can lead to having a slower metabolism as you get older. Not everyone is the same, and there are certainly more reasons than the ones listed below. However, these tend to be some of the most common factors of your metabolism slowing down.



Did your parents gain weight between 40 and 50? What about your grandparents? You can’t do anything to change your genetics, but you can plan ahead. Knowing what you can expect from your family members will help you identify the extra efforts you need to make to see the results.


Thyroid Functioning

Thyroid complications can cause you to gain weight at a slow pace, but unfortunately, it happens. Women treat thyroid problems much more than men at about 10 to 1.


Losing muscle mass

You start to lose muscle mass slowly when you get to 25-30 at about 1% a year if you are not lifting weights to maintain muscle mass. Muscle not only burns calories but accelerates your metabolism. In addition to that, having muscle obviously tones up your body and makes you look more fit so there’s really very little downside to staying in shape.


Increased Stress

Life becomes more complicated as you get older. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which slows down the metabolism. Stress causes cravings, overeating, storing fat and elevates blood sugar levels, which causes fatigue.


Decreased Activity

When people age, they accumulate injuries and conditions that, consequently, force them to exercise less and with reduced intensity. If this is the case for you, it’s important to do small things like physical therapy to stay active.



Different ways to boost metabolism after 40

Did any of the above reasons sound familiar to you? Most likely, some of them did. Don’t worry though, there are certainly ways to get your metabolism going again. It may not be the same as when you were 18, and for some it may be harder than others. Nevertheless, it’s important to do everything you can to get your body going.


Wholesome breakfast

Everyone needs to start their metabolism early in the day. A breakfast based around complex carbohydrates (like a wholegrain cereal, granola or oatmeal) plus a protein source (such as low-fat yogurt or skimmed milk) will mean your body is equipped to face the day. Starting the day in this way means that you are less likely to need to snack and you can keep your energy levels in check.


Eat at regular intervals

The need to eat usually arises when blood sugar levels drop and so it is important to plan to eat every three to four hours. Many people think going without food in a day is helpful to weight loss but unfortunately too little too eat is at least as bad as too much since it causes the body to slow its metabolic rate to conserve energy which in turn slows any weight loss too. Regular meals also help reduce the need for “snacks” because they suppress the cravings for sugar that we experience when we eat too little a day.


The benefits of Protein

We all know how hard it is to diet but we can help ourselves by considering what we eat at meal times. Proteins are very important and a necessity for every meal. This is because the body uses time and energy to digest protein. So we can help our body use extra calories to digest what we eat. Good choices would be lean meat such as turkey, whole wheat instead of white flour, hummus and pita bread, vegetarian options such as beans, fruits, and nuts, quinoa or even protein bars with 12 or more grams of protein when home prepared can be more difficult, but are great options nonetheless.


No Snacking

This is one of the most important things – do not snack! It is better to plan your eating and have emergency low-calorie foods like raw carrot or even a planned fruit and nut meal rather than a snack. If you feel the need to snack then you should look at how you have planned your meals. It may even be that you are not really hungry but tired. A good solution is to take a break and go for a brisk walk to increase your heart rate and increase the good oxygen supply to your brain. Follow it by a large glass of cool water and you may be surprised by the results.


Drink more water

Water is the body’s main constituent; so it’s only natural that it remains your main source of refreshment. Again, water flushes out toxins that are produced whenever the body burns fat. The lack of water causes the operations of the body system to slow down and also its metabolism. So if you want to boost your metabolism, make sure your body is hydrated enough to function normally.


Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is a rich source of amino acid arginine, which can also help you lose weight. If you start adding arginine amino acids to your diet, you will increase the oxidation of glucose and fat and increase lean muscle in the body. In addition, if nuts, seeds, and shellfish are reasonably consumed, they will also improve the metabolism.



You can also take a multivitamin and mineral supplement that includes B vitamins and magnesium as well as potassium. Proper nutrition will help to boost your metabolism significantly. The best vitamin supplement is the one with 100% daily value for most vitamins. It is important to check the daily value on the supplemental facts level, as well as the amount per serving and serving size. Our SUPER OMEGA is one of the best vitamin supplements you can get to help boost your metabolism because it was designed with a 3-6-9 omega fatty acid complex that is optimal for circulation as well as heart, health, and brain function. 

Whatever you do, don’t think that just one of these steps is a cure-all for your slow metabolism. Be sure to combine different steps and find out what yields the best results for you!

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