PEA Palmitoylethanolamide With Levagen® Capsules


PEA Palmitoylethanolamide With Levagen® Capsules is NATURAL PAIN RELIEF & ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.
Being a natural, fatty molecule (fatty acid amide molecule) that is produced in our bodies, PEA is described in most scientific writings as a natural PAIN KILLER.
Assisting in alleviating CHRONIC PAIN & INFLAMMATION. Scientifically shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-pain (anti-nociceptive) and neuro-protective properties.
Clinical trials have demonstrated that PEA assist in the pain management, neuropathic pain and inflammation of various chronic disorders including peripheral neuropathies such as:
• diabetic neuropathy,
• chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy,
• carpal tunnel syndrome,
• sciatic pain,
• osteoarthritis,
• lower-back pain,
• chronic regional pain syndrome,
• dental pains,
• neuropathic pain in stroke
• multiple sclerosis,
• chronic pelvic pain,
• postherpetic neuralgia and more

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PEA Palmitoylethanolamide With Levagen® Capsules
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving: 300mg with Levagen®

%Daily Value*
PEA Palmitoylethanolamide With Levagen®
300mg PEA Palmitoylethanolamide With Levagen®. Which means 2x the absorbency. Equals to 600mg
%(DV) Daily Value base on a 2000 calorie diet.**Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsules, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide