Your Guide to B-Vitamins

Your Guide to B-Vitamins

Of all the important vitamins required for peak health and muscle gain, B-complex undoubtedly leads the pack. A group of eight water-soluble vitamins, each B vitamin has their own incredible benefits and play an important role in your workouts and in your overall health.


That’s why we’re breaking down the B-complex to explain each vitamin and why they’re crucial to your diet and supplements.


  • B-1 (Thiamin)


Vitamin B1 (thiamin) is a vitamin that helps turn your food into energy, boosts your immune system and is essential in breaking down simple carbohydrates. If you’re cutting for weight loss, you may be low on thiamin, so having B1 in your supplements can help restore it.



  • B-2 (Riboflavin)


Riboflavin is another key B-vitamin that helps convert nutrients into energy. It also plays a major role in manufacturing red blood cells. Higher energy, as a result of B-2 intake, can lead to improved immune system integrity, respiratory and digestive system health.



  • B-3 (Niacin)


Niacin helps enzymes in the body function properly by helping the body use other B vitamins. It’s also needed for the production of hormones and helps with the function of the digestive and nervous systems and skin. Niacin-rich foods include, beef liver, chicken tuna and milk.



  • B-5 (Pantothenic acid)


Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, can be found in pretty much all foods, although only in small quantities. Pantothenic acid plays a supporting role in energy and hormone production, and red-blood-cell manufacturing.



  • B-6 (Pyridoxine)


B-6 is an extremely important amino acid in terms of protein building, making it particularly important for bodybuilders. Pyridoxine works to transform amino acids into more than 5,000 proteins. Pyridoxine is abundant in many of the foods we eat. Major sources include liver, brown rice, fish and whole-grain cereals.


  • B-7 (Biotin)


Also known as the beauty vitamin, Biotin has several benefits when it comes to your appearance and has been linked with improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails. It also helps the body metabolize proteins and process glucose. Biotin is found in significant quantities in beef liver, egg yolks, nuts, and whole grains.



  • B-9 (Folic acid)


Folic acid is important for energy production, appetite, mood and sleep. It also assists cell replacement and cardiovascular health. Major sources of folic acid are beef and chicken liver, lentils, kidney beans and chick-peas.



  • B-12 (Cobalamin)


As with the other B-vitamins, cobalamin helps to ensure nutrients are converted to energy. Cobalamin also helps to keep red-blood-cells healthy, enhancing their ability to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body. Major sources include liver, beef, egg yolk, poultry and milk.


It takes a ample amount of energy to power through intense workouts. B-vitamins — provided through diet or supplementation — will help to ensure your energy levels are at their highest.


That’s why a number of PureRawz supplements are specifically developed to incorporate B-complex vitamins to help you perform your best. Be sure to shop all of our products here.


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